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Henry Posner III

Prior to forming Railroad Development Corporation, Mr. Posner spent ten years with Conrail in the Operating, Marketing and Sales Departments. At Conrail, his duties included industrial engineering studies of terminal operations; supervision and management of main line and terminal freight operations; analysis of intermodal terminal operations; the development of pricing and service for carload, trainload and intermodal transportation; negotiation of car hire and joint pricing agreements with other railways; capital planning for intermodal terminals; and sales responsibility for major food customers.

Mr. Posner serves as Chairman of RDC; Chairman of Iowa Interstate Railroad;  Chairman of RDC-Deutschland; Chairman of RégioRail; a director of Eurorail; a director of Vivarail; and Vice Chairman of The Hawthorne Group.

A graduate of Princeton University (BS-Civil Engineering), Mr. Posner also holds an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School. 

He is an alternate director of the Association of American Railroads; a member of the Advisory Council of Princeton University's Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS;  a member of the Board of the Independent School Chairpersons' Association (ISCA); Emeritus Trustee and Former President of the Board of Trustees of the Winchester Thurston School.

Mr. Posner teaches an undergraduate course on rail deregulation at Carnegie Mellon University and he has lectured and published extensively on railway matters, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets. He was a contributor to the book Railway Transformation, published in 2010 by Eurail Press under the auspices of the Community of European Railways.

He is active in welfare programs for the Jewish community in the Former Soviet Union; the distinguished honor of being named among the "75 People You Should Know" by Trains Magazine for that publication's 75th Anniversary; the recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International for his civic work in Guatemala; and an occasional contributor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on regional affairs.

He writes haiku and speaks English, Spanish, French and Russian.

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