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    BiliBili (Chinese video sharing site
    "The Last Journey of QJ-7081" (2005), in English
    (52:43 minutes - documentary movie of QJ-7081, made by Chinese state media, when it was thought that it was going to be scrapped...)


    Central States Steam Preservation Association (CSSPA)



    A non-profit corporation established to assume the preservation, maintenance and operation of the two Chinese-built "QJ"-class steam locomotives.

Riding the rails
(PDF 101k)  |  Des Moines Register  |  5 June 2012

Iowa Doubleheader
(PDF 1.5 MB)  |  Railfan & Railroad  |  June 2012

  • Posting by Frank Grizel, IAIS Steam Crew volunteer, May 12, 2012:

    With the first IAIS steam excursion scheduled for June 2, 2012, I, like many rail fans are getting excited to once again see steam in action on the Iowa Interstate. But like most of you I was unaware of the gigantic effort that goes into the maintenance and repairs required to make a single run. That was until I became a volunteer member of the IAIS Steam Crew this year. The group, led by Robert Franzen of Steam Services of America, has spent countless hours over the last several weeks (and years as well) going over the 6988 with a fine tooth comb making repairs and doing upgrades to the engine preparing it for the first run.

    As an insight into the steam program from a "rookie" standpoint, I was
    very impressed (and humbled) by the knowledge displayed by each member not to mention the dedication they have poured into the program over the years. I'll be the first to admit prior to becoming a volunteer, my knowledge of steam power could fit on the head of a pin, but in the few days I've worked within the program my knowledge has increased 1000% by watching, listening and hands on participation. Four things I have learned about the QJ's are they are very big, they are very dirty, the Chinese build some pretty weird, non-conventional things and they are an amazing piece of complex machinery that's fun to be around as well as addicting.

    So the next time you're standing track side watching a QJ pass, black
    smoke pouring from the stack, the whistle blowing and everything running smoothly, say a big "thank you" to the group of dedicated people behind the scenes who have given their time to make these engines work for our enjoyment. Kudos go to Robert Franzen and his staff, the volunteers, the leadership from the Iowa Interstate and Henry Posner III for making these excursions possible.

    Below is a link to the first set of behind-the-scene photos of 6988
    going through inspections and repairs.


TRAINS News Wire:  Iowa Interstate steam schedule set
(PDF 81k)  |  4 May 2012

TRAINS News Wire:  Iowa Interstate to operate steam specials in June
(PDF 71k)  |  5 April 2012

  • IAIS QJ 6988 participates in "Trains, Planes and Automobiles," Geneseo, IL, September 10-11, 2011

Steam train draws a crowd to Geneseo
(PDF 183k)  |  Geneseo Republic  |  15 September 2011

IAIS steam crew participates in "Minute of Remembrance" by American Railroads on September 11, 2011 at 12:00 PM CT to mark the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhELTCaZuQY

  • Breaking News, July 20, 2011 -- QJs set new world record for steam-hauled freight in the 21st century!

    IAIS QJs 6988 and 7081 moved 7,228 tons from Iowa City to Rock Island in the face of extreme heat and without incident. 

    The QJs were headed eastbound for Rock Island, IL, where they will participate in passenger excursions during the 4-day Train Festival 2011, July 21-24.
    [00:60 festival commercial]

    IAIS Chairman/Student Fireman Henry Posner III praised the historic movement, "Special congratulations to IAIS COO Mick Burkart and IAIS Steam Crew Chief Robert Franzen for the results of this team effort involving both IAIS employees and a small army of volunteers.

    "Additional thanks go to UK's Chiltern Railways Chairman Adrian Shooter, CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for doing the honor of whistling off the departure." 
Iowa Interstate "Americanizes" Chinese steam locomotive
(PDF 98k)  |  TRAINS News Wire  |  1 Jul 2011

Looking inside the master bedroom of hell
(PDF 198k)  |  TRAINS Fred Frailey blog  |  13 Nov 2010

Photo Gallery: Steam loco 7081 pulls benefit trips for fire depts. in western Iowa

TRAINS News Wire:  QJ to pull western Iowa trips on Iowa Interstate
(PDF 33k)  |  6 Jul 2010

  Highlights of "Rail Ride for Flood Relief" to benefit The Salvation Army's flood relief and recovery efforts in Iowa and Illinois; October 18-19, 2008:

(Event sponsors: City of Rock Island, Hy-Vee, Midwest Graphics Management, BNSF Railway, Iowa Interstate Railroad and RDC.)
Corman rolls out a red QJ
(PDF 437k)  |  TRAINS Magazine  |  August 2008

TRAINS News Wire: Corman to break in QJ on Saturday
(PDF 19k)  |  20 May 2008

Preservation:  More Chinese steam arrives
(PDF 120k)  |  TRAINS Magazine  |  April 2008

Rock Island 'QJs'!
(PDF 1.2M)  |  Steam Railway  |  31 Jan-24 Feb 2008

Dreams of steam
(PDF 245k)  |  Kentucky.com  |  17 January 2008

TRAINS News Wire: Chinese steamer, bound for Corman, arrives stateside
(PDF 53k)  |  3 January 2008

TRAINS News Wire: Chinese steam locomotive ready for trip to U.S.
(PDF 20k)  |  29 October 2007

  Highlights of the QJ steam-hauled freight run on IAIS
Des Moines/Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 9-10, 2007:
  More video clips of QJ doubleheader:  

Modeling China's--and now Iowa's--mighty QJ 2-10-2's

(PDF 266k)  |  Railroad Model Craftsman  |  February 2007

Coming to America
(PDF 1.6 MB)  |  TRAINS Magazine  |  February 2007

Chinese steam: a Heartland fantasy
(PDF 518k)  |  TRAINS Magazine  |  December 2006

An improbable 2-10-2 revival
(PDF 297k)  |  Classic Trains  |  Winter 2006

  Highlights of the QJ's first excursion at RiverWay 2006
Quad Cities, Sept. 14-17, 2006:

  • DVD by Revelation Video:  "Rock Island Rooster" 
    (75 minutes -- highlights of the QJs coming to America and their first public excursion at RiverWay)
Train-crazy Q-C puts RiverWay on right track
(PDF 55k)  | 
Quad-City Times  |  19 Sept. 2006

Chinese locomotives draw crowds on RiverWay run
(HTML 50k)  |  AP-Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier  |  16 Sept. 2006

Dinner and a train ride
(PDF 56k)  |  The Dispatch  |  15 Sept. 2006

First test run of Chinese steam on IAIS

(HTML)  |  6 Sept. 2006

TRAINS News Wire: Chinese steam locomotives begin testing in Iowa
(PDF 19k)  |  28 August 2006

TRAINS News Wire: Details finalized for fall excursions behind Chinese steam  
(PDF 20k)  |  18 July 2006

TRAINS News Wire:  Chinese steam locomotives may pull Midwest excursions in September 
(PDF 189k)  |  12 July 2006

  Link to QJ technical information and history:  
  Links to video clips of QJ's operating in China:  
  Importing RDC's Two Chinese QJ-class 2-10-2's
Links to railfan photo galleries:
Preservation:  Big Chinese steam is headed to the heartland
(PDF 170k)  |   TRAINS Magazine  |  July 2006

TRAINS News Wire:  Chinese 2-10-2's arrive in the United States  
(PDF 43k)  | 
13 June 2006

TRAINS Breaking News:  More Chinese steam coming to the U.S. 
(PDF 57k)  |  21 April 2006




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