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Background on Pop-Up Metro

Pop-Up Metro is an initiative intended to expand the size of the rail transit market by allowing metropolitan areas with existing light-density rail freight lines to establish demonstration operations of a rail transit system on a rapid timeline and for the cost that they might otherwise pay for a consulting study.

Pop-Up Metro will lease trains, platforms, battery charging kit and an integration package, including operating and maintenance regimes.

A Pop-Up Metro demonstration operation, based on Vivarail battery trains, is in the process of being established in the USA and will be operational and available to demonstrate proof-of-concept in early 2021.

An additional benefit of Pop-Up Metro is proof-of-market in addition to proof-of-concept, thus substantially reducing the risk of the traditional approach of building the system first and then seeing if the market exists.

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  Introduction to Pop-Up Metro USA
 from TransAction Conference October 20, 2020
(Video length 00:18:43)

download presentation slides (PDF 5 MB)

Background on Vivarail

Founded in 2012, Vivarail's primary objective has been to build a new type of passenger rolling stock for urban, commuter and rural railways across Britain, based on conversion of former London subway trains (D78) into ground-breaking Class 230 D-Trains.

Vivarail is led by retired Chiltern Railways chairman Adrian Shooter and includes a development team with a combined 200+ years' experience in railway engineering and operations.

Vivarail is based at a rail-connected site in central England with full manufacturing facilities and a dedicated 4km test track.

In August 2014, RDC purchased a 50% interest in Vivarail in association with its management team.

The Class 230 DEMU prototype made its debut operating as a special shuttle service from Honeybourne to Long Marston for visitors attending the Rail Live 2017 event. The middle car demonstrated a range of seating options, spacious toilet, WiFi and USB sockets.

"Riding the Class 230 Vivarail D-Train" (Video length 00:07:51) 
"Riding from Vale to Marsten"
(video length 00:09:52)
"Vivarail Fast Charge" (video length 00:01:11)


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Contact Information



Henry Posner III, Chairman, RDC
412 928 7704



Alice Gillman, Head of Marketing
+44 (0) 7815 010373

Vivarail Ltd.
Kineton Road Industrial Estate
Westfield Road
Southam  CV47 0JH



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