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Exited | 4-Jun-2013

Fast Facts

Length (km)


Length (mi)


Annual Tonnage

3.5 million





Major Traffic Flows

Crude oil, grain, limestone, coke, wine, containers


In August 1993, Buenos Aires al Pacífico-San Martin began operations under a concession providing for lease of Argentina's San Martin Railway for 30 years. The San Martin line operated under the commercial name: ALL Central.ALL Central extended westward from the city of Buenos Aires to the western provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, close to the border with Chile. It is a single-track broad gauge railway and is primarily used for the transportation of freight from regions in the west to consumption zones and Port facilities in the east. ALL Central also linked Chile and the western provinces of Argentina to Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil via Ferrocarril Mesopotamico-General Urquiza (ALL Mesopotámica).

Until its re-nationalization on June 4, 2013, ALL Central was owned by América Latina Logística (the Sao Paulo-based owner of Brazil's Ferrovia Sul Atlantico), RDC and the Argentine government.

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