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RDC Bus Lines: Steel City Flyer

Exited | 16-Jul-2009


On November 7, 2008, RDC announced a joint venture with LeGrand America -- the creation of the Steel City Flyer, a non-stop Business Class transportation service between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. 

The approximate 3.5 hour downtown-to-downtown bus service was ideal for businesspeople with limited time. With such on-board amenities as continuous Wi-Fi, laptop desks, individual reading lights and comfortable reclining seats, travelers could use their time more productively en route, while at the same time eliminating passenger vehicles from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 

The Steel City Flyer not only served a market where Harrisburg and Camp Hill were the actual destinations, but also provided a service to destinations east of Harrisburg (Lancaster, Philadelphia, Trenton and New York) via connections to Amtrak at the Harrisburg Transportation Center.Despite the advantages, the service did not have the anticipated anchor ridership.

Sadly, the Steel City Flyer's last run was July 16, 2009. RDC Bus Lines would like to thank its loyal riders and the media for their extensive support!