Our Philosophy

We are securing rail’s role in advancing the future global economy.
And we are providing a prosperous livelihood for those moving the industry forward.

Our philosophy is summed up with one word: Safety.
Everything we do starts with safety. It is the backbone of every business we enter into.
If you run a safe railroad, you run a profitable railroad.

RDC Best Practices

Safety drives Quality

Quality drives Growth

Growth drives Profitability

Environmental Priorities

A critical aspect of our commitment to the livelihood of our people and industry, is ensuring we deliver on positive environmental impacts. Today, rail is the most fuel-efficient form of surface transportation and with its continued growth and innovation, the industry can be a contributing solution to climate change.

We are continually exploring opportunities to accelerate our impact, prioritizing investments in new sustainable technologies and practices across our markets:

  • In the U.S., the Iowa Interstate is an EPA Smart Way Member and currently has a fleet of 20 fuel-efficient GEVO locomotives, using Trip Optimizer software to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • In France, we are the transportation operator of choice for many companies because of rail’s low carbon footprint.
  • In Germany, we have two Vectron electric locomotives.
  • In the U.S., Pop-Up Metro is deploying battery trains to provide transit solutions and decarbonize the transportation sector. 

”Work with partners; you get better ideas. Encourage disagreement; you get better decisions.“

RDC Perspectives

Thought Leadership through the lens of our team at RDC. Explore our perspective on all things railroads and more through this vast collection of resources.